Campus Management System

A comprehensive set of features that allows your teachers to spend more time on student progress and teaching, allows parents to be more involved in their child's education, ensures improved resource availability for your students, enables your administrative staff to work smarter, and makes it easier for decision makers to find solutions to problems faster. Simply put, school management ERP with one dashboard with everything you need to manage your institute.

Performance Reports
Campus Management System
Management System
ERP to Manage Multiple Schools

Multi-school Management

Whether you need to manage one institute or a hundred, Edumarshal school management erp allows you to monitor & manage your institutes from a single dashboard with absolute ease. Set up granular controls and use extensive reporting features to get instant insights on performance.

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ERP with role based access

Role-Based Access

Edumarshal not only offers key user-roles – Administrator, Staff, Teachers, Parents & Students – but also allows you to further define data & service access for highly granular user access contorls that help you ensure higher accountability and restrict access to sensitive content.

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classroom management ERP

Classroom Management

A rich and flexible toolset enables both teachers and administrative staff to manage even thousands of students in hundreds of batches, courses, classes across multiple institutes with absolute ease.

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school data management system

Unlimited Classes, Batches & Subjects

No compromises management of your classrooms.

ERP system

Centralized Syllabus Manager

Maintain quality of education delivered to every student.

School Management System

Auto Timetable Generation

One-click, optimized time-tables for every class based on teacher availability.

Student Management System

Attendance Management

Rapid attendance feature, absence notification to parents, & upload leave applications.

Information Management System

Manage Class Assignments

Distribute notes, homework, assignments; maintain records of grades & late submissions.

Data Management System

Classroom Performance Reports

Track course progress and identify poorly performing students, batches & classes.

Create Test with School ERP

Examination Management

Streamline your examination and student assessment process – Create multiple subject-wise exams and assignments, define weightage of each towards final assessment and even include weightage from extra-curricular activities, and Edumarshal ensures that student grades are always and automatically updated.

The Edumarshal school management erp portal for students and parents ensures that you can keep them informed of examination dates, alert them to changes in examination dates, inform them of grades as soon as they are available.

Edumarshal also supports a wide array of grading systems, as well as allows for instant conversion between grades.

Edumarshal school ERP also auto-generates final assessment reports, report cards, and reports that not only help eliminate a whole host of manual administrative work, but also remove human errors from the entire examination process.

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Student Result Management

Multiple Grading Systems Supported

Use CCE, ICSE, CWA or GPA. Instant grade conversions for report submissions to education boards.

Campus management system

Color Coded Performance Reports

Quickly analyze student performance in exams & assignments.

Student evaluation System

Customize Evaluation Criteria

Define weightage of each curricular & extra curricular component to auto-generate final grade.

School ERP with Print access

Custom Printable Report Cards

One-click print-ready final & term report cards. Auto-upload to student & parent portal.

School Library management ERP

Library Management

Make your library operations more efficient. Rapid book issue and return speed up & simplify the process. Bulk upload books, setup book categories, and easily locate books & their status.

Generate instant reports to keep a track of all books, issued, in-stock or disposed. Automatically issue fine for book holders past due date.

Simplify eBook management & delivery with custom access rules via student portal.

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ERP with Data security

Barcode Support

Automatic generation of barcode upon adding of books to database.

School Administration ERP

Ebook Management

Manage eBook distribution to students via student portal.

Student ID card Generator

Library Cards

Set batch-wise borrowing limits on library cards.

Finance management ERP

Late Fee Management

Keep track of overdue books & auto-add fine to student records.

School Bus tracking ERP

Transport & Fleet Management

Tackle the challenges of transport & fleet management with ease. Build your routes, define stops, and create fares for each stop. Upon adding pick-up stop for a student the appropriate fare is added to their fee automatically. Easily manage your fleet of vehicles by assigning drivers and vehicles to each routes.

A key feature of the school management ERP module is the ability to track real-time location of each vehicle on the map as well as store history of all stops made and notify the school administrators of over-speeding or deviations from prescribed route. Via the parent portal, the parents  can track the real-time status of the vehicles, but only for their child’s route & for limited time before the drop.

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Location tracking ERP

Stops & Routes

Design as many routes as you need with as many stops as you want. Designate vehicles & drivers for each route.

Transport & Fee Management

Route-wise Fares

Customize fares for each route and stop. Fare gets added to student fees automatically.

School Bus tracking

Live Tracking on Map

Real-time tracking of vehicles. Alerts of over-speeding & route deviation. Allow parents to track their child’s bus via app.

Transport Fee Management

Student Transport Slips

Auto-generate student transport slips with associated vehicle and driver information.

Hostel Management System

Hostel Management

Manage your hostel and campus residences efficiently. Centrally manage & allocate rooms across multiple residential facilities, assign staff and warden, manage hostel fee collection and geenrate instant occupancy reports for hostels.

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Campus Management System

Inventory Management

Create and manage as many stores as you want. Be it the school canteen or the chemistry lab, keep tabs on inventory, avoid pilferage or abuse.  Manage suppliers, indents, purchase orders and billing to streamline your purchases and maximize transparency.

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school data management system

Grievance Management Portal

Allow students, parents & staff to voice their concerns with Edumarshal’s Grievance Management System. Built-in ticket management & tracking system ensures that each query is assigned to the appropriate authority and answered adequately on time.

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School Management Portal

Meeting Scheduler

Manage internal departmental meetings as well as setup parent-teacher meetings for discussing student concerns. Built-in calendar ensures, that staff and teachers stay notified of upcoming meetings, as well as re-schedule easily if need be.

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Notification System
Location Tracking System

Explore Other Edumarshal Features

45+ ERP modules to modernize and streamline management of educational institutes

Student Management System

Student Management System

Manage student life cycle from pre-admissions to graduation, while ensuring absolute data security.

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School Fee ERP

Fees & Finance Management

Automate fee collection workloads, enable online payments, & improve tracking of income & expense.

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Admin & HR Management

Admin & HR Management

Get more done in less time, reduce manual errors in administrative tasks & streamline employee management.

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Communication Portal

Communication Portal

Enable stakeholders to find relevant data faster and deliver meaningful communication faster.

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Analytics & Reporting

Analytics & Reporting

Enhance decision making with instant data availability & a wide range of analytics & reporting tools.

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…The concept of information sharing by EduMarshal school management ERP has set up new opportunities of better interaction values. Now I Think that EduMarshal was just the tool we needed…

Delhi Public School, Himachal Pradesh, India

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…The concept of information sharing by EduMarshal has set up new opportunities of better interaction values. Now I Think that EduMarshal was just the tool we needed…

Delhi Public School Logo

Delhi Public School, Himachal Pradesh, India

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