Student Assessment Management

Allow teachers to quickly identify a student's problem areas and provide them with necessary
guidance to improve.

Student Management System
school data management ERP

Online & Offline Quiz

Online Assessment/Quiz is a powerful activity that can meet many teaching needs, from simple, multiple-choice knowledge tests to complex, self-assessment tasks with detailed feedback.

Questions are created and stored in a Question bank and can be reused in different quizzes.

We can create questions while creating a quiz also; so it would be a question first or quiz first.

We will have view submissions and grade to track students response and grade.

Student Management System

Quiz Scheduling And Timing

You can specify times when the quiz is accessible for people to make attempts. Before the opening time the quiz will be unavailable to students. They will be able to view the quiz introduction but will not be able to view the questions. Quizzes with start times in the future display both the open and close date for students.

After the closing time, the students will not be able to start new attempts.

A countdown timer is shown in the quiz navigation block.

School Administration ERP

Assignments & Quizzes

Faculty can create customize quiz for assessment to easily evaluate student learning.

Cloud ERP System

Paper Test, Download Quiz

Students can print quizzes as PDF and word documents to be used as offline examinations.


Question Bank

This feature allows a teacher to create, preview, and edit questions in a database of question categories. The questions can be imported and organized in folder structures and can be added to a Quiz.

Questions backs also can be created in well advanced and can be used later.

Create Test with School ERP

Submission for Students

Students can easily participate in quizzes, questions can be navigated, attempted and saved for later. Student real time response is saved to the server in a specific time interval.

Student Management System

Gradebook & Evaluation

Autograded questions will be evaluated automatically once submitted and All the grades for each student in a course can be found in the gradebook.

Detailed question wise response for each question can be validated in “View Submission”.

Performance Reports

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