Put all your questions aside if you are confused trying to figure out a reasonable price for your school administrative software?

EduMarshal provides the best PLANS AND PERFECT PRICES for your School
Unlimited Users, Cloud Hosted

Gold Plan

Rs.10 per Student/Month

  • Minimum Rs 5000 up to 500 Students
  • No SMS
  • Access to complete feature list
  • Mobile Apps for parent & teachers
  • Rs. 10 per Student/Month

EduMarshal provides Support in

Records and Information Security

EduMarshal's integrated data protection solutions make it easier to identify, track, and secure sensitive school and student data from the end point to the cloud.

Hardware requirements

Our easy to follow installation guide will inform the user of the prerequisite hardware and also walk the user through any additional hardware requirements if needed.EduMarshal guarantees that you will need nothing more than a laptop or even a mobile phone to get started.

Installation Procedure

Getting started smoothly is only the beginning. Installing EduMarshal is no rocket science and using it is as easy as using Facebook or twitter. We assure you that we are there 24x7 to support you. There is no special training required, all that you need to have is internet. Staff members with no computer knowledge can use it since you just have to login and start using EduMarshal. Our support network has trained staff to provide any level of support you require. Our customers' needs are of utmost importance to us.


Am I entitled to any Discount on yearly subscription?

We understand the financial constraints that smaller institutions might have and so we have several schemes on start up plans. We offer 10% discount if you choose the yearly subscription.

Can I upgrade from one package to another?

Yes. Package upgrade, downgrade, or cancelation is easilyavailable as per your subscription with only the difference in package costs. Besides the package offers, the package features are also updated frequently and automatically. The associated patches for most upgrades are usually free of cost.

Can I pay yearly?

EduMarshal is very flexible with the payment options and supports the annual payment scheme. The Subscription price at the current offering covers one year of support and free updates.

Do you refund the money?

EduMarshal performs a 100% Refund on the selected subscription if you are not satisfied. This refund is made within a week to 10 days. One time setup charges for cloud services are non-refundable.

Can I cancel anytime?

Yes. We are very sure you will find EduMarshal very useful, but if needed you can cancel the monthly or annual paid subscription at any time.
If you decide to discontinue a monthly premium plan, you'll be able to access the service for the remainder of the month for which you've already paid, and the charges will discontinue for the following month.
If you cancel the annual plan, you'll be able to use the service for the remainder of the year for which you've already paid, but you will not be charged at the end of that period.

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