Top level Master Category of fees is managed.

The Master Category includes the Particular Heads under which the particulars are maintained.

A Section for the Fee Schedule is developed to maintain the fees schedules.

A Batch for the Fee collection also assigned.

Demand draft can also be generated.

Cheques processing, acknowledgment, and Fee Reports.

A Class Defaulter list is also maintained.

Master Category

Category is the top level classification of Fees.

This is further detailed into Particulars.

Examples of Category are :

Pre-Nursery to XII (e.g. - tuition fees ).

Category wise Fees.

School Devolopment Fee.

View/Add/Delete Category :

This page allows the user to maintain Category.

A list of Category items is displayed to the user.

The user can Edit, Delete each Category.

Button for Add Category is provided.

Change Transport Head Name.

Add Category

A modal popup screen is provided to the user.

User enters the following :

Name for the category.

Selects the appropriate class divisions that this Category is applicable to.


Core Functionality :

Select a Master Category.

Enter a Name.

Enter a Description.

Select a Particular head (e.g. - Tuition Fee in dropdown).

Select this Particular to applicable to "All” or a particular student by providing his “ Admission number” or by selecting “Student Category” and selecting from the list such as Staff Child, APL, OBC.

Select the applicable class divisions by clicking the checkboxes.

Provide the Amount.

In case of creating this Particular for a certain student select “Admission no” in the bar and then provide the Admission No in the field.

In case of creating this Particular for a certain student category select “Student Category” in the bar and then select appropriately from the list such as Staff Child, APL, OBC.

Fee Schedule Collection

Add Schedule

Provide the following details to create a new schedule Collection.

Fee Category.

Fee Collection Name.

Start Date.

Due Date.

End Date.

Include Transport Fee (checkbox) (for how many months).

Include Hostel Fee (checkbox).

Include Cheque Bounce Fine (checkbox).

Include Practical Fine (checkbox).

Fee Category.

View / Edit / Delete Fee Schedule

This is the functionality to view and maintain the created Schedule Collection.

For a selected class division, its Schedule Collection can be viewed.

Buttons are provided to Edit and Delete each schedule collection line-item.

Examples of schedule are:

April Fee Schedule (etc).

Staff Child Collection.

APL Category Collection.

Fee Collection Batch

View Particulars

Retrieve the Schedule for a student by providing either one of the details :

Admission No. ,Mobile No.

This brings up the Fee Schedule on the right hand side.

And notifies the user as “Please select schedule to pay fee”.

For the Fee schedule there are number of indicators.

Whether Pending or Paid.

Strike-through :

Several selected (the ticks to the left).

In case of the selected schedule, if there are no Particulars the user is notified as “No Particular exists for this student under this selected schedule collection”.

At this point a Particular can be added to the category even specifically for that student.

The added Particular is then visible at the bottom of this page.

SMS Sent:In case the selected Schedule has Particulars, these are also visible at the bottom of the page, ready for Payment.

View the payment details.

Particular Payment :

The Particular Name and the Amount is displayed for each Particular.

For the list of Particulars displayed, the Amount Due and Payment Done is displayed.

Amount Due displayed across multiple Schedules & Particulars.

A payment can then be accepted in one of these modes in "Payment mode" field :

Cash, Cheque and DD Payment Notes,Amount(Rs).

The payment accepted here is adjusted several Schedules.

While making the payment the user is prompted about if they are sure about making the payment, before the transaction goes through.

Fee Receipt

The Fee Receipt has the following information :

Student Name.

Father’s Name.

Admission No.

Father’s Name.

School Code.


Receipt No.

Collection Name.

List of Collection Particulars – Name and Amount.

Student Particular.

Total Fees.

Payment Done.

Amount Due.

Payment Mode.

Fee Receipt Sample

At this stage the user can choose the following :

Print this Receipt.

Go Back – (to the Fee Collection Batch Page).

Cancel this Payment.

There is a button to Generate Demand.

Those schools who charge fee via cheque then they issue fee demand slip first which can be issued by this Generate Demand here.

Payment History

This report can be brought up for a Batch/Course.

It shows the payment history for every student Collection-wise, sorted on Student No and Collection.

It provides the following details :

Student Name.

Admission No.

Collection Name.

Fee Submission Date.

Payment Mode.

Receipt Number.

Collected By.

There is an option provided to Print the entire history report.

Fee Defaulter Batch

This is generated for the following 2 inputs :

Batch/Course (provided in dropdown).

Schedule (provided in dropdown).

This list of defaulter students in provided.

In case the due date for this Schedule is not crossed, the user is notified the same.

The following details are made available in this report :

Admission No.

Students Name.

Due Date.

Total Fee.

Paid till Date.

Outstanding Amount.

Days over Due Date.

There is button to accept Payment in each line-item.

There is a button to Send SMS in each line item. This will send an SMS to the registered phone number for that student.

An SMS can be sent to all the defaulters, in a single click.

To send the SMS in Hindi, the checkbox needs to be clicked.

Cheque Processing, Miscellaneous

This has the following details :

Student’s Name.

Admission No.

Class Name.

Collection Name.

Total Fees.

Bank Name.

Bank Branch.

Cheque Received Date.

Ack Cheque.


Reject Payment.

Cheque Bounce Report

This has the following details :

Student’s Name.

Admission No.

Batch Name.

Collection Name.

Bank Name.

Bank Branch.

Cheque No.

Cheque Received Report

This has the following details :

Admission No.

Class Name.

Student’s Name.

Batch Name.

Collection Name.

Bank Name.

Bank Branch.

Cheque No.

Fee Head Report

This report is generated by providing the Class as an input.

User can print condolidated student fee reciept by a clicking on student's name.

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