Functionality Description

The team at EduMarshal tries to derive ways to make processes easier and more productive for teachers & admin and thus the Online Examination and Result Management Module. Emphasis is definitely put on the Student Performance Analysis

Features :

Design Exam As Per CCE Rules.

Design Report Standards as per rules i.e. 40%of FAs + 60% of SA1 equals to 100% for first Term.

Further categories include Formative,Summative, Co-Scholastic, Student Self-Awareness and Health Criteria.

User based Lock Marks Entry – To prevent any further changes.

Several reports based on the Exams and Exams Marks entry.

Evaluate Teachers As Well As Students Based On Reports.

CBSE CCE Examination Structure

The exams are defined as per the CCE Structure.

Set the exam Criteria, 40%of FAs + 60% of SA1 makes it to 100% of Term1 .

EduMarshal has ensured that it covers all the Scholastic as well as Co-scholastic fields.

This pattern is designed to allow the result entry of the exams of FA1, FA2, SA1, FA3, FA4, SA2.

The CGPA is calculate and generated.

Colour coded marking

User can click on a subject in a particular exam and update the marks.

Thus if the student has not given an exam, it would be displayed in red.

Once all four are entered, the user wouldn’t be able to edit the marks.

Very user friendly system based on the CBSE pattern and guidelines.

The process of manually writing marks or grades in the report card of each student is eliminated.

Generation of the full report card based on the entry of the marks.

Add FA Grade Table

Students Name, Adm. No., R.No., Subject Marks Enter Subject wise marks list.


Teachers and Instructors have a profile- based access to the exam-calendar.

The examination timetable is created through this exam school administration.

This Examination Management Module also gives the option to characterize whether the exam results will be demonstrated as imprints or evaluations.

All the report cards could be located at one place.

Manage Examinations

Create subject wise exams / tests.

Grade and Marks option for various boards.

Download / Print student wise report card.

Graphical view student's performance.

For various education boards.

Maintains history of the entire year of the student.

Parents, students and teachers can easily ascertain as to where the student lacks.

Progress Report Details

The progress reports and results are presented on students’ and parents’ dashboard.

Mass printing of results can be done, if required.

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