The EduMarshal Interactive dashboard includes the key static info graphs. Includes quick statistics, a section that includes upcoming news & events, attendance management, calendar and Quick links customized based on the logged in User.

EduMarshal aims at setting up custom dashboards to provide to administrators and key users the utility to analyse the points of interest and monitor trends that drive their organization.

By setting up custom dashboards is Our team brings in years of both specialized and business mastery while assembling and characterizing custom dashboards.


Total Students :

Displays the no. of students present in each batch. This section is updated from the student attendance section.

Total employees :

Displays the no. of employees present in the organization for that day. This section is updated from the Employees attendance section.

Total collection :

This section will display the amount of fees collected, the maximum limit being 90 days.

Settings :

User can manage the settings in this section.

Permissions :

User can manage the permissions in this section.

Student Attendance Chart

Absent counts per Batch :

The holistic bar charts represent the Students Attendance across all the classes. i.e. the logged in user can view the no. of student absent for a particular class.

Details of Absent counts per Class :

If the user further clicks on a single bar in the chart, the no. specific students absent in a particular class would be displayed.

Details of the student :

The details of each student in a particular class are displayed.



Date selection :

By default the calendar displays the current date.

If required, users can select a particular date i.e. by day, month or year.

Colour coding Legend :

Different types of days have been given a code

Holiday – green colour.

Personal – Purple Colour.

School Event-Blue.

Thus the date would be colour coded as per the type.


Selection of date enables list of student's birthdays for selected date.

Send Messages to the students.



By default the events for the current date would be displayed. These events have been set in the Event Module.User may also select a date to be able to view the events for the selected date if there were any events set for that date.

Edit /Create Event :

User/Admin can create an event in the Events Module. Details would include Title, Content, Start date, End date, Upload a document, active or not.

News/Notice Boards :

Parents can View Notices Users can receive Flash News on the dashboard.

Setting of a news item :

Title, Content, Start date, End date, Upload a document, active or not.


Employees on Leave :

EduMarshal provides the feature of managing the student's attendance as well as the staff’s and other employee’s attendance.

By Selecting the date the management can easily view and record the regularity and punctuality of each employee for a selected period.

Admitted Employees :

By selecting a date, user can view if there were any new joiners for that date.


Absent Students :

A report with the List of Absent Students is populated for that date.

Admitted Students :

A list is populated if new students are admitted on that day.


User can select a date and view if there are any exams scheduled for the selected date.

Sent SMS

This is to give the user an overview of the no. of SMS sent on that date or any date selected as per the user.

Fees Due

User can select a date and view the fees due of a previous date too.

Further you can collect the report of the due fees by class wise or by even date wise.

Report Of Student Whose Fees Are Due For The Month I.E. Fee Pending Report (Monthly & Annually).

Books Return Due

Books Return Due :

By selecting a date, the user can view the list of books that are due for return for that date.

A report with the list of students can be generated with the help of the details from the library module.

Dashboard Setting

Basic Settings :

The Education Institution Details can be managed.

Language settings can be managed.

Country and time zone is enabled.

Currency can also be selected.

Grading Settings :

Configuring the Grading System as per the institution requirements.

Managing the subjects including the optional subjects.

Managing courses and batches.

Unique ID:

Automatic unique ID is generation for all users.

Course Management :

Configure and manage multiple courses and batches according to your institution’s systems and process in setting.

SMS module :

Activate the SMS module.

Send SMS to a single group of groups of users.

Dashboard Permissions

Login Access :

Access is controlled as per the user. User-friendly dashboards with login access for teachers, non-teaching staff, students, parents and management personnel will be assigned.

Several roles based dashboards :

Personalized dashboard for Admin.

Personalized dashboard for Accountant.

Parents – personalized dashboard.

Informative dashboards with different user login access module to the institution.

Menu display :

Display of left menu as per user’s specified permission.

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