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Admission Enquiry

Registration of new student : To manage all the student related compulsory fields.

Search Students: Search student on the basis of Name of the student, Class, Section, Father’s Name, etc.

Admission of Student : Admission Section details maintained.

Import Student Details Records Using Excel.

Automatically Generate Roll Numbers based on the provided details.

Students are Assigned Optional Subjects.

Also assign Areas and Coscholastic activity.

Multiple Reports are maintained based on student activity and details.

Transfer Certificate: This certificate is generated as per requirement and maintains all the student details populated from different sections.

Add Student

Academic Details as well as Student Information details are collected and maintained.

Academic Student Details would include:Date of Admission : Date/Month/Year, Registration No.: Unique ID Class: Class of admission Section:

Student Information details would include:First Name:, Last Name: , Roll Number: , Date of Birth:, Gender:, Blood Group:, Place of Birth:, Religion:, Caste:, Handicapped:Country:, State:, PIN code:, Address:, Email:

Students :

This section would display the list of students in the particular batch selected. Details would include, S.No. Photo Students Name User Name Adm. No. Admission Date Father’s Name Mobile No. R.No. D.O.B.

Student Category

Upload student :

On acceptance of admission process, automatic transfer of details of the student/staff to school register and school records without any paper work.

Advanced Search :

Search Students – Name of the student, Class, Section, Father's Name and get details of student with images.

Export CSV :

Can export the student details to CSV format.

TC Generation

By clicking on a student row, the TC option becomes available. By clicking the Transfer Certificate is generated.

TC details :

Prefilled student data is populated from the profile data module onto the Transfer Certificate.

Admission details imported.

Fees details imported from Fees module.

Type of Concession(if applicable) included (for further reference ).

Subjects and Attendance details also populated from respective modules.

Inclusion of Extra Curricular activities.

Profile :

The student details can be made active by clicking on the active checkbox.

Active :

User can reset password details in this section.

Print Preview and printing TC :

Allows print preview of the TC.

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