Mobile App Overview

Functionality Description

This application will allow Instant Communication between parents and the school. Immediate automatic pop-up messages and alerts related to different events and activities in the school will be sent to the parents.


User needs to login to view the student information.

YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO LOGIN until you have provided your contact information to the school. Provide the details to the class teacher. Updates will only be done once a week and you will be notified by SMS when that happens.

Please do not try to LOGIN until you have received the SMS with the User ID, Telephone number and Password.

Once you have received the login details on your registered mobile number, type the USER ID and registered mobile number.

Click on register.

My Profile

This section displays the complete profile details of the student including photo, parent details, class teacher details, address and emergency contact number.


Parents can view the entire detailed attendance of their child. This can be done for the current academic year which also includes presents, absents and leaves. The parents get instant information about their ward's attendance information on a daily basis. The information about holiday (H), absence (A) or leave (L) is clearly shown on the calendar along with attendance percentage for the current month and the session.

Notification is sent to when their child is marked absent on any given day, assuring the parent that the child has reached school. At the school's end, appreciation cards for students and analysis of attendance information.

Once all four are entered, the user wouldn’t be able to edit the marks.

News/Notice Board/Events

All Notices, News and Events are instantly sent to the parents from the school. Parents are also provided with an option of downloading an attached document.

School Calendars are typically divided into various categories: Exam Calendar, Holiday Calendar, Activities, etc, also this information is not the same for every class on any given day.

This app helps you send only the relevant information to the parents. This means, on a given day the school might have a fun fair for Classes I to V but for higher classes it might be a sports day.

Mobile App will show the right information to each parent, depending upon the class their child is studying in.


Parents can receive alerts regarding examination timetables on their phones. Also parents can view all the marks and report card on their devices. Parents have access to the complete fee module which includes the fee payable, payment status and dues for different types of fees.


School Authorities and Parents can track the school bus on a map and get notifications for events that matter.

This section allows the school to Display the annual schedule for academics. Also holidays, exams, discussion topic and multiple other categories in the parent's mobile. 

The security of the children while travelling is a major concern today. To address this issue, EduMarshal also includes the Tracking feature in the mobile app: When the school selects this functionality in the App, the bus kit is fitted by the EduMarshal team in all the buses of the school. The school can then define bus routes and bus stops for each student, using the software accessible from the school. Parents will only be given access to information of the bus in which their child is travelling. 

Information for the school authorities :

Exact location of the bus on a map with history of locations in last 15 minutes (updated every 5 sec).

Google Map having location of the school, Location of all official stops of the bus, with separate marking of their stop.

System notification, when the bus reaches one stop before their official stop.

Information for the school authorities :

Real Time location of the bus along with day wise, trip wise details for all vehicles of the school. (updated every 5 sec).

Google Map having location of the school, Location of all official stops of the bus.

Separate colour coding to visually mark different trips plied on by a bus.

Official and unofficial stoppages during a trip, with time duration of stoppage.

Over speeding alert.


This module will allow the schools to enter the exam results and thus inform the parents.

The App also enables the school to publish results in pdf, along with graphs and charts to help parents understand the student’s performance.

Mobile App Features

Admin & Teachers

Admin/Teacher can manage Profiles

Send/Receive important notifications

View the time-table just for your classes

View datasheets of your classes

Manage Mark sheets

Holiday Calendar

View Leaves Records

View Salary Records


Mobile App Features for Parents

Manage Profile

View all your child’s academic information

Mail box: Get important notifications in your mail box

View the time-table just of the class of your ward(s)

View your mark sheet; Track your progress

Holiday Calendar

Network with other parents

Fee Details: Fee due dates

Bus timings & bus routes

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